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  1. Antioxidant and Antimicrobial Potential of Green Synthesized Silver Nanoparticle Using Moringa Oleifera Seeds Extracts – Mustapha Isah, Sumayya Ahmed Ayuba, Zainab Hassan
  2. Performance evaluation for an optimized Wenner (ALPHA, BETA AND GAMMA) Arrays Using Synthetic Geological Models – Sirajo Abubakar,Sabiu Bala Muhammad,Muttaka Umar and Usman Abubakar
  3. Extraction and Characterization of Cassava, Potato and Mango Starches Lawal G. Hassan,Nasiru Usman, Ernest C. Agwamba, N.M. Almustapha, Mohammed Achor
  4. Implementation of Kifilideen Trinomial Theorem based on Matrix Approach in Computation of the Power of Base of Tri-Digits Number – Kifilideen L. Osanyinpeju
  5. Evaluation of Phytochemical Constituents and Anti-bacterial Activity of Coffee Senna (Cassia occidentalis l.) Methanolic and Aqueous Leaf Extracts – Sufiyanu, S. and Na’ala, S. I.
  6. Characterization and Modification of Activated Carbon Generated from Annogeissus leiocarpus ­– Aliyu A., Tsafe A.I., Liman M.G and Nasir I.
  7. Source -to- Detector Distance Dependence on Death Time of a Gamma Spectrometry System for Higher Resolution – Usman Abubakar, Norehan Mohd Nor, Anas Shehu and Surajo Abubakar
  8. Soil Remediation Using Zero-Valent Iron Nano-Particle Modifiedwith Spondias Mombin Leaves Extract – Ayomide, Olusegun Blessing, Obuzor, Gloria Ukalina, Obi, Chidi
  9. Assessment of Heavy Metals and Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Agricultural Soils around Kubanni Bridge area, Zaria Local Government, Kaduna State, Nigeria – Muhammad Abdulqadir, Saidu Garba, Jibril Ahmed Maiwada, Sirajo Abubakar Zauro
  10. Radiological and Toxicity Impact of Uranium (238U) in Ground Water to Different Age Groups at Wurno, Sokoto State, Nigeria – Ibrahim Isa, Aminu Saidu, Sabiu Bala Muhammad, Murtala Muhammad Hamza,  Aliyu Bala, and Abubakar Usman
  11. Computational Treatment of Transient MHD Slip Flow of an Arrhenius Chemical Reaction in a Convectively Heated Vertical Channel – M.M. Hamza, M.Z. Shehu, H. Usman and E. Omokhuale
  12. Effects of Allanblackia floribunda stem-bark on Oxidative stress and Mitochondrial Dysfunction in Rats Exposed to Crude Oil – Stella O. Olubodun and Omorede Ikponmwosa-Eweka

List of Issues

Volume 1 Issue 1, March 2019 (Maiden Issue)

Comparative Phytochemical and Antifungal Activities of Stem and Root Bark Extracts of Vitellaria paradoxa (Shea Butter) Tree – Abdullahi I. Tsafe, Musa U. Dabai, Mshelia E. Halilu*, Yahaya S. Maiyama, Sani S. Bello Halilu Dahiru and Abdul-malik H. Jiya

Design and Implementation of a PC-based Temperature Data Logging System with Graphics User Interface – Sunday U. Ezeilo*, Muhammad B. Abdullahi, Muhammad B. Abubakar and Ibrahim Z. Yaroko

Design and Implementation of a Device for the Determination of the Effect of Soiling on Photovoltaic Panel Performance – Ismaila G. Saidu*, Musa Momoh, Hassan N. Yahya and Abubakar U. Moreh

On the Transmission Dynamics of Malaria with Three Control Strategies – Abdullahi Alhassan*, Abdulfatai A. Momoh, Shuaibu. A. Abdullahi and Washachi D. Jacob

Unsteady Heat and Mass Transfer Magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) Convective Couette Flow with Thermal Radiation using Finite Element Method (FEM) – Emmanuel Omokhuale*, Muhammad M. Altine, and Anas Yusuf

Mathematical Model for the Transmission Dynamics of HIV/Aids and TB Co-Infection – Abdulfatai A. Momoh*, Abubakar Isah, Nurudeen G. A. Abimbola and Deborah Mathias

New Approach on RSA Prime Power N = p2q   using a Continued Fraction – Sadiq Shehu*, Aminu A. Ibrahim, Buhari A. Ibrahim

Volume 1 Issue 2, September 2019 

Effect of Aqueous Stem Bark Extract of Shea Butter (Vitellaria Paradoxa) Tree on Serum Glucose and Kidney Function Biomakers in Alloxan–Induced Diabetic Rats – Shehu Salihu, Aminu I. Umar, Nura B. Muhammad , Zulkallaini Shehu and Abdullahi M. Labbo

Isolation and Identification of Bioflocculants from Wastewater at Girei and Yola North, Adamawa State, Nigeria – Deborah Mathias, Ussa Peter, Sani Njobdi and Hayatuddeen Abubakar

On Continuous Two-Step Hybrid Method for Singular Initial Value Problems – Dahiru Umar, Adesanya A. Olaide, Pantuvo T. Peter and Abdullahi Alhassan

Survey and Prevalence of Parasitic Species of Amphibians around River Rima and River Sokoto – Muhammad I. Magami, Tambuwal A. Arzika, Moses O. Ode and Tanko M. Muhammad

Evaluation of the Performance of Nigerian Kaolin for Oil-Water Filtration Ceramic Hollow Fiber Membrane – Jamilu Usman, Shamsuddeen A. Abdullahi and Ibrahim Mohammad

The Effect of Magnetic field on Boundary Layer Flow of a Viscoelastic Fluid Past a Nonlinear Stretching Sheet –Ahmad B. Jafar and Ibrahim G. Usman

Isolation and Partial Characterisation of α- Amylase from Two Vegetables Consumed in Sokoto Metropolis – Aminu I. Umar, Abubakar Tijjani, Rabiu S. U. Wasagu and Andrew Onu

Combined Effects of Radiative Heat Source and Magnetic Field on a Free Convection Flow in a Moving Vertical Plate Filled With Porous Material – Godwin Ojemeri, Akeem B. Disu and Emmanuel Omokhuale

Physicochemical Assessment of Drinking Water in Sokoto State University and its Neighbouring Villages – Yahaya Nasiru, Subhat J. Odewale, Mansur Alhassan, Mustapha Suleiman, Nafisa Bello, Abdulrashid G. Abubakar, Jamilu Usman, and Abdullahi B. Muhammad

Proximate and Elemental Analysis of Some Selected Commercial Poultry Feeds in Nigeria – Umar A. Dewa and Fatima W. Tikau

Volume 2 Issue 1 February 2020

Phytochemical Screening, Proximate Analysis and Antioxidant Vitamins of Green Tea (Camellia sinensis) Leaves Consumed in Sokoto Metropolis, Sokoto-State, Nigeria Ibrahim Bashiru, Aminu I. Umar, Catherine A. Otitolaiye* and Sumayya A. Ayuba

Bioethanol Potential of Cassava (Manihot esculenta cranz) and Sweet Potato (Ipomoea batatas) Leaves via Hydrolysis and Fermentation Processes Jamilu Usman*, Bashar H. Abdullahi, Salisu M. Adamu and Hayatudeen M. Adili

Indium-Tin Oxide (ITO) thin films deposited at low substrate temperature on bare corning glass substrates by RF sputtering: Structural and Electrical properties Sanusi Abdullahi and Abubakar A. Sifawa*

Effects of Radio-Climatic Variables on Signal Propagation in Kebbi State Iliyasu Usman, Mohammed N. Ibrahim, Lukman S. Akeem and Anas Shehu

Analytical Methods for Determination of Regulated and Unregulated Disinfection By-Products in Drinking Water: A Review Abdulrazaq Yahaya*, Friday J. Sale and Umar M. Salehdeen

Boosting Algorithm for Empty Node Recovery in a Sentence Buhari Wadata, Nura M. Shagari and *Salisu Modi

Design, Construction and Evaluation of a Power Digital Meter for Laboratory Use Yahaya Yusuf

3-Satisfiability Reverse Analysis Method with Hopfield Neural Network for Medical Data Set Samaila A. Mohd, Asyraf Mansor and Saratha Sathasivam

Serum Haematological Response of Rats Fed with African Palmyra Palm (Borassus aethiopum) Shoots Obtained in Sokoto State, Nigeria Muhammad Sirajo

One Step Five-Point Hybrid Block Method for the Solution of Initial Value Problem for Third Order Ordinary Differential Equation *Adamu M. Alkali, Dahiru Umar, Suleman Timothy and Aisha I. Ahmed 

Volume 2 Issue 2 August 2020

Construction of Radio Frequency Modulation (FM) Transmitter with Range of 100 Meters – Anas Salisu and Maduka N. Chinwike

Effect of Radiation on Heat and Mass Transfer Magnetohydrodynamic Casson Fluid Flow in a Vertical Channel – Emmanuel Omokhuale and Muhammad L. Jabaka

Four and Five-Point Integrators for the Solution of Systems of Stiff Initial Value Problems – Samuel Adamu, Musa Kida, Dahiru Umar and Kefas Bitrus

Experimental Analysis on the Characteristics of Pulverized Coal – Palm kernel Shell Fuel Blend – Osarobo O. Ighodaro* and Ndem F. Essien

Impact of Fibre Reinforced Polyester Composites on Tensile Strength of Baobab (Adansonia digitata) Stem – Shehu S. Abdullahi, Abdullahi H. Birniwa,Rania E. A. Mohammad, Suwaiba Mamman, and Abubakar S. Chadi

Assessment of Drinking Water Quality from Chanchaga Area, Minna, Niger State, Nigeria – Muhammad T. Bisiriyu, Abidemi A. Koleola, Muhammad Kolo and Mohammed Ibrahim

Process Optimization of Biodiesel Production from Parinari macrophylla Seed Oil using CaO/Al2O3 and MgO/Al2O3 Catalysts – Aminu Abdullahi, Abdullahi M. Sokoto, Muhammad Sirajo, Bashar H. Abdullahi and Buhari Idris

Two-Stage Improved Hybrid Methods for Integrating Special Second Ordinary Differential Equations Directly – Yahaya B. Aliyu, Yusuf D Jikantoro, Aliyu I. Maali, Abdulkadir Abubakar, Ismail Musa, Amina M. Tako

Anticonvulsant Study of Tapinanthus dodoneifolius DC Danser Methanol Extract – Usman S. Oma, Hamisu A. Balarabe, Dlama Stephen, Ocheni Adejoh, Onoja A. David, Opisa A. Nasir, and Omachi D. Ogaji

Comparison on the drying efficiency of through circulation convective drying and vacuum contact drying of aspirin powder and aspirin agglomerates – Zainab Ibrahim S G AdiyaandOnaivi D. Azamata

Phytochemical Screening and Antityphoid Activity of Senna occedentalis Aqueous Leaf Extract on Salmonella typh – Keta M. Naka, Israel O. Obaroh, Keta J. Naka, Aminu Mubarak, Patrick R. John and Gudu G. Joseph

Data Mining via 3-Satisfiability Reverse Analysis Method with Hopfield Neural Network for Infertility Detection – Samaila Abdullahi, Nuraddeen Y. Adamu and Sani Musa

Phytochemical and Antifungal Studies of Calotropis procera Latex against Tinea capitis – Keta, J. Naka, Shehu Kasimu, Suberu A. Hadi, Aliero A. Aliyu, Aminu Mubarak and Keta M. Naka

Investigation of the fuel properties and fatty acid methyl ester composition of biodiesel produced from sand box tree oil using ZnO-NPs catalyst – Yaquba M. Sahabi, Samira S. Adamu, Yahaya Nasiru, Mansur Alhassan, Mustapha Suleiman, Nafisa Bello, Safiya A. Mu’azu

Exploring Local Content Using Mobile Application to Boost Broadband Demand and Foster Socio-Economic Gains for Local Farmers in Nigeria – Zahriya L. Hassan, Salisu Modi, and Buhari Wadata

Isolation and Characterization of Triterpene from n-hexane Stem Bark Extract of Vitellaria paradoxa (Shea Butter Tree) – Salman Y. Maiyama, Abdullahi I. Tsafe, Musa U. Dabai, Mshelia E. Halilu, Sani S. Bello, Halilu Dahiru, Abdul-malik H. Jiya, Abdulrahim M. Danjuma, Babagana Ali and Hassan Abubakar

Local Stability Analysis of Unique Endemic Equilibrium Point of a Mathematical Model for the Transmission and Control of Zika Virus Disease Dynamics – Kolawole A. Adeyemo,Ninuola I. Akinwande, Nurudeen O. Lasisi

Preliminary Phytochemical Analysis and Antibacterial Activity of Guiera senegalensis Leaf ExtractShina I. Sadiq, Mohammad A. Umar, Hajara Momohand Adeniyi O. Adeleye

Investigating Factors and Extenuation Strategies for Mobile Phone Use While Driving in Nigeria – Mansur Aliyu,* Abubakar B. Tambuwal and Yahaya U. Namahe

Volume 3 Issue 1 February 2021

Proximate Analysis of Camel Milk Sourced from Kara Market, Sokoto, NigeriaTanko M. Muhammad, Abdullahi Adamu, Aisha Umar, Yakubu M. Sani, Malik A. Imonikhe and Sulaiman Aliyu

Production of Bioethanol Using Neem Tree LeavesFatimah I. Jumare, Mubarak Aliyu, Ibrahim A. Dabai, Hannatu Bello and Auwalu Bala

Pollution Status of Selected Agricultural Farmlands in Zaria, Kaduna State, NigeriaAbdullahi Abdulkadir, Lawal M. Atiku and Salisu M. Aliyu

Numerical Solution of First Order Ordinary Differential Equations Using an Optimized Two-Step Block Hybrid MethodMayowa E. Atteh* and Olaronke H. Edogbanya

Stability Analysis of Drug Abuse and Drug – Related Crime Mathematical ModelIbrahim Abdullahi, Mohammed O. Ibrahim, Aminu Mustafa, and Mustapha Aminu

Investigating Factors Influencing People to Engage in Weaponization of Fake News through FacebookMansur Aliyu, Abba Nasir, Umar M. Bagarawa, and Aminu Aliyu

Biological Control of Vector-Borne Viral Diseases in Solanaceous Vegetable Plants: Mathematical Modeling Approach – Timothy A. Shamaki, Samuel Musa and Olaide A. Adesanya

Physico-Chemical Properties and Heavy Metals Assessment of Wastewater Discharged from Selected Cosmetic Industries in NigeriaAzeezah T. Amigun, Adebayo K. Basheeru, Bamidele O. Amigun, and Sheriff O. Ayinla

Daubechies Wavelet-based Galerkin Method of Solving Partial Differential EquationsDaniel C. Iweobodo, Ebimene J. Mamadu and Ignatius N. Njoseh

Heavy Metals and Physicochemical Assessment of Some Selected Sachet Water Around Sokoto Metropolis, NigeriaAbdullahi M. Labbo, Aminu U. Imam, Zulkallaini Shehu, Mustapha Isah, and Sumayya A. Ayuba

Preliminary Studies on Biofuel Potentials of Shea Nut Cakes in Niger State, NigeriaMusa T. Umar, Monday Musah, Isah L. Ibrahim, Awwal Abdulkarim, Mohammed A. Paiko, and Mohammed Alkali

A Product-Log-Type Estimator of Population Mean in the Presence of Non-ResponseShamsudeen Dahiru, Basiru Shehu, Anas A. Maiwada, Dauda U. Shehu and Aminu B. Isah

Radiation and Hall Effects on Magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) Free Convective Dissipative Fluid in the Presence of Heat SourceHussaini Abdullahi and Isah B. Yabo

Effect of Drought on Chlorophyll and Abscissic Acid (ABA) in Selected Rice Accessions in NigeriaSaminu Sufiyanu, Adamu A. Aliero, Kasim Shehu, and Bashir Y. Rini

Physicochemical and Phytochemical Evaluation of leaves of Cassia singueana Del. –Ahmad Uba, Abdullahi Aliyu, Abdullahi M. Sokoto and Kabiru Abubakar


Volume 3 Issue 2 August 2021

Approximate Orthogonal Preserving Mappings on -Semi-inner Product Space – Murtala Umar* and Abor I. Garba

Association of COVID-19 with 5G Electromagnetic Radiation: Bursting the World Web Conspiracy TheoristsEfosa B. Odigie*, Godwin E. Okungbowa, Oyedele O.Ajayi and Ofuje B. Owuda

CuSbSe2 as a Promising Earth-Abundant Photovoltaic Absorber Material: Synthesis and Structural PropertiesAbubakar A Sifawa* and Ibrahim Zakariya’u

Content Validity and Reliability of Electronic Braking Systems Troubleshooting and Maintenance Manual for Automobile Craftsmen in NigeriaArah A. Saidu,* Audu Rufai, Abdulkadir Mohammed, Umar I. Yakubu and Idris A. Mohammed

Antimicrobial Activity of 2-((2-Hydroxybenzylidene) Amino) Nicotinic Acid and Its Cobalt (II) Complexes Synthesized from O-Phenylenediamine and 5-NitrosalisaldehydeIzuagbe G.  Osigbemhe,* Muluh. E. Khan, Amowie. P. Oviawe and Glen. Elkanah

Isolation of Trichoderma Harzianum from Soil and its Effect on Germination Potential of Selected Cereal Crops – ٭Mustapha Isah,* Abdullahi M. Labbo, Nura M. Bello, and Sumayya A. Ayuba

Synthesis and characterization of spin coated CZTS Thin films for solar cell applicationsAbubakar A Sifawa* and Anas Shehu

Purification and Quantification of Cellulase Produced by Aspergillus Niger Using Alkali Treated and Untreated Sugarcane BagasseIsmail Muhammad,* Mercy B. Alafiatayo and Aishat O. Salau

Surface Deformation Studies in South of Johor using the Integration of InSAR and Resistivity Methods – Sirajo Abubakar and Aravind A/L Shanmugaveloo

Modeling the Availability and Reliability of a Solar Photovoltaic System and Evaluating Using the Gumbel-Hougaard Family Copula – Anas S. Maihulla,* Ibrahim Yusuf , Zainab A. Dogon Daji, and Mujitaba Usman

Effect of Electronic Braking Systems Troubleshooting and Maintenance Manual on Skill Performance of Automobile Craftsmen in Nigeria – Arah A. Saidu,* Audu Rufai, Abdulkadir Mohammed, Umar I. Yakubu and Idris A. Mohammed

Efficient Numerical Approximation Methods for Solving High-Order Integro-Differential Equations – Ayinde M. Abdullahi,* Ishaq, A. Adam, Latunde Tolulope, and Sabo John

Roles of Trichoderma species as a Potent Biochemical Agent for Sustainable Farming Practice: A Mini Review – Mustapha Isah,* Zainab H. Bello, Abdullahi M. Labbo, Abdullahi Ibrahim

A Perturbed Orthogonal Collocation Approach for the Solution of Fredholm Integro-Differential EquationsSunday A. Ojobor and Efeturi M. Aleke

Implicit Three-Step Hybrid Block Method for Solving First Order Initial Value Problems in Ordinary Differential Equations – Williams Barde, Timothy Suleman, Emmanuel E. Dan  and Sabo Zando


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