Current Issue

ISSN: 2705-313X (PRINT); 2705-3121 (ONLINE)

Volume 3 Issue 2 August 2021

Approximate Orthogonal Preserving Mappings on -Semi-inner Product Space – Murtala Umar* and Abor I. Garba

Association of COVID-19 with 5G Electromagnetic Radiation: Bursting the World Web Conspiracy TheoristsEfosa B. Odigie*, Godwin E. Okungbowa, Oyedele O.Ajayi and Ofuje B. Owuda

CuSbSe2 as a Promising Earth-Abundant Photovoltaic Absorber Material: Synthesis and Structural PropertiesAbubakar A Sifawa* and Ibrahim Zakariya’u

Content Validity and Reliability of Electronic Braking Systems Troubleshooting and Maintenance Manual for Automobile Craftsmen in NigeriaArah A. Saidu,* Audu Rufai, Abdulkadir Mohammed, Umar I. Yakubu and Idris A. Mohammed

Antimicrobial Activity of 2-((2-Hydroxybenzylidene) Amino) Nicotinic Acid and Its Cobalt (II) Complexes Synthesized from O-Phenylenediamine and 5-NitrosalisaldehydeIzuagbe G.  Osigbemhe,* Muluh. E. Khan, Amowie. P. Oviawe and Glen. Elkanah

Isolation of Trichoderma Harzianum from Soil and its Effect on Germination Potential of Selected Cereal Crops – ٭Mustapha Isah,* Abdullahi M. Labbo, Nura M. Bello, and Sumayya A. Ayuba

Synthesis and characterization of spin coated CZTS Thin films for solar cell applicationsAbubakar A Sifawa* and Anas Shehu

Purification and Quantification of Cellulase Produced by Aspergillus Niger Using Alkali Treated and Untreated Sugarcane BagasseIsamail Muhammad,* Mercy B. Alafiatayo and Aishat O. Salau

Surface Deformation Studies in South of Johor using the Integration of InSAR and Resistivity Methods – Sirajo Abubakar and Aravind A/L Shanmugaveloo

Modeling the Availability and Reliability of a Solar Photovoltaic System and Evaluating Using the Gumbel-Hougaard Family Copula – Anas S. Maihulla,* Ibrahim Yusuf , Zainab A. Dogon Daji, and Mujitaba Usman

Effect of Electronic Braking Systems Troubleshooting and Maintenance Manual on Skill Performance of Automobile Craftsmen in Nigeria – Arah A. Saidu,* Audu Rufai, Abdulkadir Mohammed, Umar I. Yakubu and Idris A. Mohammed

Efficient Numerical Approximation Methods for Solving High-Order Integro-Differential Equations – Ayinde M. Abdullahi,* Ishaq, A. Adam, Latunde Tolulope, and Sabo John

Roles of Trichoderma species as a Potent Biochemical Agent for Sustainable Farming Practice: A Mini Review – Mustapha Isah,* Zainab H. Bello, Abdullahi M. Labbo, Abdullahi Ibrahim

A Perturbed Orthogonal Collocation Approach for the Solution of Fredholm Integro-Differential EquationsSunday A. Ojobor and Efeturi M. Aleke

Implicit Three-Step Hybrid Block Method for Solving First Order Initial Value Problems in Ordinary Differential Equations – Williams Barde, Timothy Suleman, Emmanuel E. Dan  and Sabo Zando